Anti-GMO activists in Africa accuse Monsanto, Gates Foundation of bioterrorism

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The Consortium for Food Safety in Africa, a network of radical anti-GMO environmental organizations involved in food safety issues in the continent, ended its biannual conference in Kenya.

Environmentalists and food safety activists warned African countries particularly Kenya and Uganda that they were being used for field trials of mutant cassava virus developed by biotechnology companies. The idea was to develop mutant cassava viruses to attack natural cassava strains in Africa and also to develop strains resistant to it as genetically modified (GMOs) cassava. The activists claimed that the project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Monsanto through a proxy company called Genetics Technologies International Limited. This will put at risk the food security of 800 million Africans and also millions in South America and China who largely depend on cassava as staple food.

Delegates pointed out that the countries including Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda were being used as test ground for release of the very virulent cassava viruses to attack the crops. The governments of these countries have accepted the solution offered by Monsanto owned by Bill Gates to provide them GMOs cassava. This would mean that the GMOs cassava planted in Africa would now come from only one source, Monsanto, who would have successfully hijacked cassava supply and food security of African countries.

Delegates from South Africa and East Africa criticized their governments for allowing the Bill Gates and Monsanto devised scheme to force feed Africa with toxic GMO cassava strains while killing the natural cassava using the mutant cassava viruses.

A Nigerian human rights lawyer informed the forum that the major interest of the biotechnology companies has been to capture the food security of Nigeria. According to him, about two million small farmers were driven away from their lands due to the Boko Haram insurgency in the north and are now being resettled and given GMO crops to plant through the so-called multilateral donor agencies also funded by Bill Gates.

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