Dr. Mercola offering $250,000 matching grant to support radical factions of the organic industry’s anti-GMO efforts

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This week [February 22], Dr. Joseph Mercola, famous alternative medicine advocate and vaccination opponent . . .  has launched the latest rally against genetic engineering, with a push for donations to the Organic Consumers Association, whose goals include increasing organic market share and achieving a “global moratorium on genetically engineered foods and crops.”

Matching up to $250,000 in donations for “GMO Awareness Week” to the OCA, which reported over $3 million in revenue in 2013, the wealthy Dr. Mercola is pitching up to half a million dollars into the ring against genetic engineering.

. . . .

The undeniable reality is that the anti-GMO movement is organic industry-led, and it all begins with the lobby for mandatory labeling of products created with genetic engineering.

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. . . [T]he push for mandatory labeling is an organic-industry ploy to eliminate genetic engineering in agriculture.

When framed as a right, the “right to know what’s in our food” rhetoric seems benevolent. . .

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But the reality is more sinister than a simple “right to know.” Ronnie Cummins, Director of the Organic Consumers Association, wrote in 2012:

“The burning question for us all then becomes how – and how quickly – can we move healthy, organic products from a 4.2% market niche, to the dominant force in American food and farming? The first step is to change our labeling laws.”

But labeling isn’t only about organic market niche, but a means to eliminate genetic engineering technology in agriculture. Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote in 2012:

“Personally, I believe GM foods must be banned entirely, but labeling is the most efficient way to achieve this. . . ”

And the good doctor puts his money where his mouth is. . . .

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