Addressing Ghanaians concerns, misconceptions about GMOs

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Since the passage of the Bio-safety Act, Act 831 in the country in 2011, the national bio-safety authority approved four crops to undergo genetically modified confined field trials at the various research stations. The confined field trials cover rice, sweet potato, cowpea and Cotton, since these crops are sustainable to pest and disease which does not enhance the agriculture sector to improve food security.

Although for the past three years most GM trials are on-stations based at the various research institutions, there are public concerns as to whether or not eating Genetically Modified food will be harmful to the human health.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians think that there has been low public sensitization by scientist on the  technology whilst others condemn the proposal to adopt the GMO technology for the agriculture sector.


In response to the concerns of the public, the Institutional Chairman of Biosafety Committee at the Savanna Agriculture Research Institute (SARI), Dr. Mashark Seidu Abdulai, said the institute is not working in isolation on the various research trials but are collaboratively working with stakeholders in the agric sector.

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