Monsanto CEO: We need all hands on deck to feed world’s growing population, including GMOs

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The world’s agricultural industry has a tall order to fill—it must grow twice as much on roughly the same footprint with less water all by 2050.

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, calling himself a “Scottish optimist—a rare condition,” thinks we can get there, but “not on our own, despite some of the coverage.”

“It’s very unfortunate that there’s such a polarized debate—big, small, fast, slow,” he said at Fortune Brainstorm E on Tuesday. “We’re going to need all hands on deck to solve this.”


Part of the problem, he noted, is that only 2% of the population is involved in agriculture. The food industry, therefore, needs to do a better job explaining of where food comes from.

Monsanto’s strategy to help farmers meet demand targets includes bringing together a better use of data and a more precise use of chemicals. “We’re going to have a much more precise use of inputs, so as we double the amount of food, we’re using a lot less stuff,” he said.

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