European Greens block African use of GMOs, fertilizers, pesticides, threatening innovation

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[On June 8], the European Green Party, with the support of countless environmentalist NGOs, proposed an initiative in the European Parliament to make Africa wait for at least another generation . . . to lift itself out of poverty.

. . . . The Greens are demanding that the European Union not be involved with the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition which is donating billions to create a green agricultural revolution in ten of the poorest African countries. . . .

. . . .


. . . . [I]n article 72, [the report] comes right out and: “Urges the G8 member states not to support GMO crops in Africa;” … Bingo!

. . .[T]his Green Party report is saying . . . is that the EU must not fund your means to develop. Rather, you are going to do things according to our organic, smallholder agricultural ideology. . . .

. . . .

A . . . Kenyan farmer, Gilbert Arap Bor in an open letter to the European Parliament. . . stated:

What we don’t need are lectures from Europeans whose lifestyles look luxurious to ordinary Africans. They want us to remain agricultural primitives, stuck with technologies that were antiquated even before we entered the 21st century.


Read full, original post: How to Starve Africa: Ask the European Green Party

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