Chinese startup plans on using DNA to create digital health avatars

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A Chinese start-up company, iCarbonX, is attempting to use DNA as one component to create online avatars that could act as health-care test dummies for people.

The firm wants to construct a “digital you” containing biological samples such as DNA; bolstered by environmental measurements such as air quality; and lifestyle factors such as diet. Then, it plans on developing algorithms to analyze the data, with the intention of recommending tailored wellness programs, food choices and possibly prescription medicines.

Preventive medicine is burgeoning in the nation as cancer and diabetes diagnoses increase. Artificial intelligence systems will generate $6.7 billion in global revenue from health care by 2021, compared with $811 million last year, researcher Frost & Sullivan said.


Already, several major biotech corporations have invested in iCarbonX, making it one of only three health-care startups in China with a $1 billion-plus valuation.

“It would take some time for the market to recognize and accept the technology and capability of the company,” said Neil Wang, president of Greater China for Frost & Sullivan.

Read full, original post: Chinese Startup Wants to Predict Your Health With a Digital DNA Avatar

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