Debunking Naturally Savvy’s ‘Top Ten Reasons to Avoid GMOs’

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A few days ago, I found myself reading a list entitled “What’s So Bad About GMOs? Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Them” (archived here). . . .

I’m going to look over this Top Ten List and figure out if there’s any truth to it. . . .

. . . .


The article from Natural Savvy states: “What we do know is that when genetic modification happens, genes are forced to express certain traits (including pesticides). To do this, the scientists “turn on” all the gene’s components, which can mean releasing allergens that would normally not be expressed in a non-GMO variety. Experts like Jeffrey Smith suggest this is directly related to the rise in health issues.” . . . . What does that string of random, science-y sounding words even mean? To express certain traits, scientists turn on all the gene’s components? And somehow turning on “gene components” means that this would release allergens? And then the article has the major cojones to say that Jeffrey Smith, a person with no scientific training, is an “expert”?? . . . .

Read full, original post: NaturallySavvy’s “Top Ten Reasons to Avoid GMOs”

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