Sanders’, activists’ anti-corporate views on GMOs ‘obscuring a level-headed approach’

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. . . [T]he U.S. Senate passed a bill . . .requiring labelling of foods that contain “genetically modified organisms” (GMOs).

. . . .

But among some advocates for GMO labelling, there was outrage. . .


At its heart was [Vermont Senator] Bernie Sanders. . .

As Sanders makes the case to his followers, the issue is very much about preventing corporate influence. . .

“This is not a complicated issue,” an exasperated Sanders said . . . “The American people have a right to know what they’re eating.”

It is, though, a very complicated issue, one that Sanders has approached with more nuance in the past. . . .


Of course, biotechnology is not safe, or unsafe. Just like communication technology is not safe or unsafe. . . .

None of these things can be labeled good or bad, either. They are collections of processes whose value in any instance is relative to a specific use in a specific circumstance.

. . . .

. . . Sanders’ anti-corporate revolutionary mission is obscuring a level-headed approach. . . [L]abeling of all products that contain any trace of in-vitro recombinant DNA technology only further polarizes discussion, penalizing all use of the technology and limiting the odds of implementing it as judiciously and safely as possible.


Read full, original post: Fresh Absurdity in GMO Labels

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