Does labeling GMOs with QR scan codes make sense?


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. . . [A] newly passed GMO food labeling bill that lets companies use QR codes to link to a website instead of a plain label . . .

. . .[M]ight, for once, be a good use of the QR code. The letters “GMO,” on their own, are essentially meaningless (unless you are trying to start an argument on Facebook). Genetic modification is nuanced, and a QR code-linked webpage could relay the full complexity of the issues surrounding genetic modification—if companies actually disclosed everything and if consumers actually cared. The GMO conversation tends toward oversimplification (good? bad?), and our savior among labels could theoretically be the QR code.

. . . .


. . . . A QR code could give information to shoppers who care and avoid fearmongering among those who don’t.

. . . .

A great variety of crops fall under genetically modified organisms, and they have very different environmental footprints—differences that a QR-linked information page could spell out.

On the other hand, it’s not clear that manufacturers actually want to disclose that level of detail—or that customers want it. . . .


Read full, original post: QR Codes for GMO Labeling Could Actually Be a Great Idea. Could

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