Does Dannon’s anti-GMO yogurt characterize moms as dumb, neurotic?

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Go watch the latest video in Dannon’s new anti-GMO marketing campaign. A woman is standing in her giant white kitchen . . ., wearing perfect lipstick and a $200 shirt, whining about how life doesn’t always give us choices. . . . Then, she says that what goes into her body and her child’s body should be a choice (duh) and makes a grossed-out face about “this GMO thing.”

Anyway, . . . the woman thanks Dannon for rescuing her and giving her a choice. . . Oh my god, NO. That is not how women act. . . . strong, competent women don’t view themselves as victims who need to be rescued by the big, brave yogurt men.

. . . .


Genetic engineering seems confusing, scary, and unnecessary to people who have never had it explained to them and the Sellers of Organic Stuff. . . know it. They are building their businesses around exploiting the confusion and fear, especially when it comes to mothers and our natural anxiety about the health of our children. . . .

Here’s an idea: Instead of assuming that consumers (and mothers) are ungrateful and neurotic, try appealing to our intelligence. . . .

Read full, original post: Hey, Food Companies: Try Treating Women Like Adults

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