Nigerian farmers accuse anti-GMO activists of misinforming public


The Nigerian farmers under the aegis of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) have chided the anti-biotechnology campaigners in the country, especially Green Peace International, Friends of the Earth and others against their efforts to misinform Nigerian farmers ‎on the modern technology.

. . . AFAN national vice president, Mr. Chris Onwuka said that the campaigners had no scientific proof against agricultural biotechnology, especially genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

. . . .

According to Onwuka, “Those against the adoption of the technology have driven their campaign mainly around calls for a reversal of the Act that establishes the National Biosafety Management as well as halt the country’s biotechnology initiatives. But without an agency to regulate the use of the technology, every development in that direction will certainly be truncated.”

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He added that . . . other anti-GM campaigners had turned against the US-based agricultural company, Monsanto. “. . . .Clearly, some of these campaigners . . . do not even know that several research institutes across the country are . . . engaged in biotechnology research and may soon have their own seeds on the market,” he said.

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