Mark Lynas: US Right to Know funded by anti-vaccine activists

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USRTK’s [U.S. Right to Know] funding is substantial. . . .

. . . .To date, it has received $314,500 from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), $30,000 from Dr Bronner’s Family Foundation and $5,000 from Westreich Foundation.

But here the problems begin. OCA has published numerous articles on its website promoting anti-vaccine and other anti-science campaigns. . . . OCA also promotes homeopathy, and publishes numerous pieces claiming child vaccines cause autism.

. . . .


The Westreich Foundation, USRTK’s third-largest donor, clearly shares this anti-vaccine agenda. Its website front page states: “Vaccine safety for all, including independent testing and research of vaccines and the ingredients they contain, as well as the synchronicity effect of using multiple toxic chemicals together when injected into the human body.”

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. . . .

It is now well-established that anti-vaccine denialism and conspiracy theories such as those promoted by the Organic Consumers Association and Westreich Foundation have contributed to a resurgence of infectious diseases such as measles and a number of preventable deaths of young children. So is USRTK complicit in this agenda?

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post:  Anti-GMO group USRTK attacks UC Davis scientists while refusing to answer questions about own anti-vaccination links

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