US regulations creating confusion for regulation of GMO mosquitos


The number of [Zika] cases in the United States is continuing to increase, as are the known modes of transmission…One innovative approach is the creation of a self-destructing, genetically-engineered mosquito from the British company Oxitec.

This approach has been successfully tested in Malaysia, Brazil, Panama and the Cayman Islands, with greater than 90% suppression of the wild population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

[However, t]he review of the proposed Oxitec field trial by the Food and Drug Administration has been an embarrassment….

FDA regulates the genetic material introduced into the Oxitec mosquito as a “new animal drug”…The rationale is that introducing DNA into the genome of the mosquitoes is analogous to dosing them with a drug.

That presents a bizarre…regulatory conundrum, because…[r]egulators would somehow have to conclude that the genetic material that causes a male mosquito to self-destruct after producing defective offspring is safe and effective for the mosquito.

It is past time for the White House and its regulatory agencies to unsnarl the tangle they’ve created.

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