Middle income nations investing more than high income ones in agricultural research

The geographical distribution of food and agricultural research and development (AgR&D) is changing. Our analysis of more than 50 years of data indicates that the governments of middle-income nations are investing more than those of high-income ones for the first time in modern history. The numbers also suggest that, globally, private-sector spending on AgR&D is catching up with public-sector spending…

Investments in R&D are inextricably intertwined with growth in agricultural productivity and food supplies. But it takes decades for the consequences of these investments to be fully realized. Today’s R&D investment decisions will cast shadows forward to 2050 and beyond, making the trends we report here especially significant for the future of food production.

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What is driving this shake-up in the rank order of spenders?


…Decades of decline in the real price of food and a sense that food provision was a solved problem may have fostered complacency among policy-makers and politicians in… the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Meanwhile, some middle-income countries have been ramping up their spending to feed their increasingly wealthy populations (in the case of China and India), or to push into export markets (Brazil).

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