Are GMO labels ‘a Trojan horse for big government intervention’ in our food supply?


Mark Bittman, the former New York Times food writer… is baaaaack–with a Times op-ed titled,“GMO Labeling Law Could Stir a Revolution.”

. . . .

Elite foodies like Bittman are promoting labels as a kind of Trojan horse for getting more… government intervention in our food system…

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It is not really about transparency or a consumer’s “right to know.” It is about using the label to advance their vision of the American food supply, which discourages the use of genetically engineered ingredients and modern pest-control agents, pays farm workers $15 per hour, subsidizes inefficient organic farming and cripples big food companies with… new taxes and regulations.

In the interview, Bittman continued:

…There are many different targets, but… there are … only a few entities making the food system work against our best interests rather than for our best interests. So whether you’re concerned about what you’re putting in your body… or climate change, or labor… it’s pretty much the same struggle.

Bittman has been saying this sort of stuff for years, while managing not to notice that our food supply is the safest, most varied, most healthful and least expensive in history.

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