House committee to grill NIH over financial support for UN IARC agency accused of science bias


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is being called … to explain why it gave tens of millions of dollars to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a United Nations agency that has been accused of “quackery” and “cherry picking” its facts.

The NIH agreed to appear before Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee — but only on the condition that the hearing is closed-press and off-limits to the public…

. . . .

Congress simply wants the NIH to explain its support and staff involvement with an agency that has been widely criticized for its shoddy science and plagued by questions of bias…


Because of the IARC’s flawed assessment … glyphosate’s re-approval is now threatened in Europe, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has delayed what should have been an easy re-approval. Losing glyphosate would be a massive blow to American farmers, consumers and the agricultural economy.

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