Genetic clues to understanding inherited deafness

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A causative gene for a highly common type of hearing loss—sensorineural hearing loss, or SNHL—has been identified by a group of Japanese researchers, who report they have successfully replicated the condition using a transgenic mouse. This discovery could potentially be used to develop new treatments for hearing loss.

The gene identified in this study is related to actin…[which] plays an important function in the formation and maintenance of auditory hair and inner ear hair cells.

One infant in every 1,000 is diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, making it an extremely common hereditary disease. It is also estimated that 25-40% of people over age 65 suffer from acquired sensorineural hearing loss


Development of a cure or treatments for sensorineural hearing loss have been slow.primarily because the inner ear is a delicate and complex sensory organ that is difficult to research…Currently there is no cure for sensorineural hearing loss, and using a hearing aid is still the most effective treatment.

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