Nestlé moves towards high tech, genetically tailored nutrition


The modern food movement has brought us to a fork in the road. On one path are people who say … sticking close to nature and whole foods is the safest bet for achieving nourishment.

The other vision prescribes that the best diet is one that is … tinkered with by scientists to help us attain our maximum health and eventually prevent chronic illness. It is more obscure and decidedly high tech.

This is where Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, … [is] casting Nestlé … as the vessel to deliver a new, scientifically engineered Garden of Eden.

. . . .

Nestlé, of course, has been fortifying food since founder Henri Nestlé began selling an iron-enriched infant cereal called “Farine Lactée” in 1867….

. . . .

…In Brabeck-Latmathe’s future, people will undergo health testing … to learn more about the genetic material of the microbes … living inside their bodies. …the tests would analyze genetics, caloric levels, predisposed illnesses, and more. Such information would allow Nestlé to create products that essentially act as medicine to alleviate known health issues.

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As the company incorporates its know-how into hardware, it will further develop its food products, sweeping out more sugars, salts and preservatives, replacing them with micronutrients and potentially with phytonutrients….

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