Iowa farmer: 8 popular food companies that promote myths about GMOs


[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller, known on social media as the Farm Babe, raises lamb and beef cattle, and grows almost 2,000 acres of row crops like corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa with her boyfriend in Northeast Iowa.]

Unfortunately, certain food companies will stop at nothing to sell their products even if it means lying or misleading consumers while throwing the hard-working farmers of our country under the bus.


Through their fear mongering “Farmed and Dangerous” campaign, their non-GMO stance, getting hundreds of people sick, … their “Food with integrity” slogan can get flushed right down the toilet just like their customers do after they get sick off of their food.


[Hunt’s] attempted to use chemophobia to sell their products while claiming their tomatoes are better because they’re non-GMO. The problem is that there’s no such thing as commercially available GMO tomatoes….


Another company that has been big into consumer deception is Subway and their stance on “antibiotic free” meat. They have prided themselves on claiming that using antibiotics in livestock is bad, which has caused strong backlash from farmers in viral articles like this one.


This is one that disappoints me the most as I personally know some wonderful dairy farmers who provide milk to supply Dannon. Unfortunately, they have made a decision to source milk from cows that have been fed non-GMO feed, and the farmers that are contracted with them have no choice but to switch their feed sources.

[Complete list: Clif Bars, Dannon, Panera Bread, Progresso, American Beauty Pasta, Subway, Hunt’s and Chipotle.]

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  • WeGotta

    What a hypocrite. Do you really think people are that stupid?
    Any person that advertises is essentially making claims in order to get more business.
    Why is one claim more offensive to you than any other?
    Is Chevy “like a rock”?

    Is eating Subway eating “fresh”? Nope. But you seem to think only their other ad “antibiotic free” is somehow offensive. I guess you use antibiotics on your animals. Why do you use them? Increased profits for you? HYPOCRITE.

    People can buy what they want for whatever reason they want.

    Your whole existence in the media is just an advertisement for what you are selling. Why don’t you be the first to rely solely on the quality of your products rather than on BS words that don’t mean anything.

    • Good4U

      The above post is the first one I’ve seen from you that makes any sense. You’re right, that marketeers of “organic” junk should be the first to rely solely on the quality of their products rather than on BS words that don’t mean anything. Unfortunately they can’t…because their products are inferior. Always have been. That’s why modern food production & supply chain processes have long ago abandoned “organic” processes which depend on animal manure and highly toxic pesticides such as arsenicals and mercurials in order to produce anything edible. No way should anyone consider going back to that miserable state of existence. Congratulations, WeGutter, you have finally seen the light.

      • WeGotta

        It makes sense but not in the way you try and paint it.

        Almost all marketing is BS, even organic marketing.
        As soon as marketers see that we want something, they will jump on it. They will twist it all around until it has no meaning anymore. They are demented parasitic sociopaths in my opinion.