Unique in our own unique way: Human genomics reveal wider range of variations than we imagined

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It’s often said that humans are 99.9% identical. and what makes us unique is a measly 0.1% of our genome.

I assumed [that genetic variation]—the 0.1% that make us unique—only appeared in certain places, such as genes for height or inherited diseases like diabetes…But, as it turns out, the 0.1% of DNA that is different between people is not always the same 0.1%: Variation can happen anywhere in our genomes.

With the rise of services that offer to sequence your DNA, more and more people are talking about the value of personal genomics…These kinds of mail-in tests are an easy way to point to something tangible…and say “It runs in the family.”

But those examples of straight-forward, visible evidence are just starting points in the immense and only partially explored field of personal genomics. There are also many variations of our genomes that are invisible to the naked eye….

There is still so much for us to discover about human genetic variation…The more people who get their DNA sequenced—whether for personal or research purposes—the more we will discover.

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