Average looking? Displaying your creativity may make you more attractive


Showing a bit of creativity on your online dating profile could make you appear more attractive to potential dates, a new study suggests.

In the study, people were asked to rate the attractiveness of individuals in photos who were said to have written a short piece of creative writing to display their creativity.

The findings suggest that “creativity can enhance your attractiveness both as a potential date and as a potential social partner [or] same-sex friend,” said study author Christopher Watkins, a lecturer in psychology at Abertay University in Scotland.

But the attractiveness-boosting effects of creativity don’t work for everybody.

Rather, the findings also suggest the effects of creativity “tend to be stronger for people with average-looking faces than people with very good-looking faces,” Watkins [said].

In addition, in some cases, the men got a larger boost in their attractiveness from being creative than women did…Watkins also found, unexpectedly, that creativity made women with average-looking photos even less attractive, and didn’t boost the attractiveness of women who were already considered good-looking.

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  • edenmw

    “Unexpectedly”? If you were an “average-looking” woman, as I am , then you would not be surprised to know that creativity, as well as intelligence, and other fine character traits, makes us “even less attractive”.

    This article was written with the assumption that the reader was male. Women were an afterthought, Sara.