How the ‘DNA revolution’ might change the animal breeding and meat industry

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The changes that have occurred in the last three months in the genetics and genomics world have probably equaled the changes in the last five years. The technology is coming of age, and the reality is closing in on the promises we’ve all heard about how genomics will change the beef business.

With that said, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consensus on what the shift to the molecular genetic era really means. One of the biggest changes is that it changes the generation interval in the industry, which greatly changes the rate of progress, which potentially changes the face of the industry. What used to take a lifetime can now occur in a decade or less.

As the science of animal breeding gets better, the premium shifts more to the art of animal breeding.

The good news is that DNA doesn’t change the big picture. A good cow or bull before the DNA revolution is a good cow or bull today. It doesn’t alter the debates about mature size, growth, or the value of muscle versus marbling or terminal versus maternal. Those debates will not be answered by the DNA revolution, but it will likely increase their importance.

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