‘Science Moms’ documentary counters anti-GMO, anti-vaccine misinformation

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In an era of fear-based marketing targeted to parents, one group of moms hopes to launch a movement of science-minded parents to push back. The crowdfunded Science Moms documentary, which aims to shift the parenting narrative from the fear and hype so common today to using the broad weight of evidence, when available, in raising children, is available for download via the Science Moms website.

Fully funded by donations from supporters, Science Moms follows five moms as they discuss some of the most fraught issues in parenting today, including GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, and the notion that natural is better than synthetic. With two young kids of her own, filmmaker Natalie Newell, a former Montessori educator, was inspired to make the documentary after encountering an open letter from the moms to anti-GMO celebrity moms, asking them to weigh genetic engineering with facts rather than common myths.


“As an educator by profession, I encountered way too much evidence-scarce, frightening misinformation about GMOs, vaccines, homeopathy, food, chemicals, the list goes on and on,” says filmmaker Natalie Newell in a press release.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Science Moms Documentary Aims To Shift Parenting Narrative From Fear To Facts

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