Perfect workout: Could genetic tests identify your optimal training routine?

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A new review examines the potential of genetic testing for creating personalized exercise regimens for physical training and for identifying the risk for physical injury associated with physical activity.

While physical activity is generally recognized to improve fitness and reduce the risk of chronic disease, it also understood that the response to physical training varies from individual to individual. While some display small improvements with training, others show a significant response.

A review published recently in BMC Genomics highlights the progress made in the area of genetic testing for developing personalized exercise regimens and preventing injury.

The review evaluates the various studies that have been conducted to identify genes and their associated types of injury including bone, muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries. The data from these studies can be used to develop genetic tests to determine which individualized training, conditioning, and physiotherapy programs that prevent or minimize injury can be devised.

[A] number of direct to consumer companies are now offering genetic testing services followed by predictions about sporting performance, latent potential, and disease risk, but many a time, these companies do not engage the services of a medical practitioner.

The review concludes by stating that while the current status of genetic testing does not yet afford too much predictive value, prescribed training regimens based on such testing for improved sporting performance and injury prevention may be the way of the future.

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