Nigeria needs GMO seeds to feed growing population, says nation’s top scientist

Image source: CIMMYT/Patrick Wall

Nigerian scientists are drumming up support for modern agricultural biotechnology, saying the country cannot feed its growing population with the current conventional method of farming.

In an exclusive interview with the Alliance, Nigeria Academy of Science President Mosto Onuoha said the current method of farming would not sustain the nation and its people in years to come.

Prof. Onuoha argued that modern agricultural biotechnology holds the key to the nation’s future food security, saying it has the ability to help the nation grow better seeds that are resistant to pests and diseases, and able to combat the harmful effects of climate change while reducing the use of pesticides.


According to him, genetically engineered seeds will help farmers get good yield, which can guarantee food security for the nation in the future.

“Feeding our people in the next generation cannot be done the way we’re doing now,” he said. “Science has the ability, the right seeds even, to combat the bad effects of climate change — the adaptation is science that will be used.”

He urged government at all levels to invest in the future by looking at long-term plans that would guarantee the nation’s food security.


Read full, original post: NAS: Conventional ag won’t feed Nigeria

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