6 ways GMO crops help farmers and consumers

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Genetically modified crops provide a lot of benefits for farmers, including less pesticide applications and increased yields. These benefits are why farmers choose to grow GMO crops, and also why the agricultural industry has generally accepted GMOs.

But what about consumers – are there any benefits for them?

2. Reduces Food Waste

The Arctic Apple solves that problem by simply turning off the oxidation process that causes the meat of the apple to brown. Not only does that allow apples to be prepared ahead of time, it also reduces all of the apples wasted. … Also, the Innate potato doesn’t bruise during transportation and sales, so there will be less potatoes thrown away.

5. Reduces the Carbon Footprint of Food

Round-Up Ready GMO crops make weed control much easier and reduces the number of time farmers have to spray herbicides. Those crops also allow farmers to adopt practices to sequester carbon, such as no-till and cover crops. On our farm, we have not sprayed insecticide even once since adopting the Bt trait into our corn. All of that lowers the carbon footprint of crops and is better for our planet.

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