23andMe asked to help reunite families separated during immigration enforcement push

Image credit: Getty Images

California Rep. Jackie Speier is asking 23andMe, a popular DNA-testing company, to help reunite children separated from their parents under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

Speier, a Democrat, said she spoke with executives at 23andMe on Thursday to see if the company could play a role in bringing families back together. Speier’s suggestion comes in the midst of a scramble to figure out what the next steps are for some of these families, given that there’s a lack of a plan on how to bring them back together.

Asked what she was told by the company, Speier said: “They were going to think about it.”


Speier said she knows the CEO of the company, but added that that wasn’t who she had spoken to. She said she was concerned about a lack of record keeping for the families who have been separated, and she was concerned that some parents were not getting information sheets related to their children.

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Later Thursday the company’s CEO Anne Wojcicki tweeted, “we would welcome any opportunity to help.” The company did not immediately respond when asked specifically if 23andMe would get involved in reuniting the families, however.

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