India a testing ground for technologies that benefit farmers worldwide, Bayer says

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On August 21, 2018, Bayer Crop Science …. kicked off a process to integrate the global seed behemoth Monsanto into its fold across geographies …. All eyes are on Liam Condon, president, Bayer Crop Science …. Condon took time out to speak to E Kumar Sharma of Business Today …. He discusses where India fits into his global scheme of things ….

Bayer and Monsanto have begun the integration globally …. Where do you see India in the global scheme of things for Bayer?

…. Our focus in India is different from that in other countries mainly because there are small holding farmers here. Therefore, practices that we develop in India can be brought to other geographies like Africa or Latin America. We like to test new ideas in India and bring solutions to farmers, but we are also looking to export these ideas to rest of the world ….

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[T]he classical example would be digital technology. A Bayer subsidiary Climate Corporation is working on a platform called FarmRise, a special digital platform, tailored for small holder needs. It has been piloted in India …. After we gain more experience, we shall roll it out in other geographies like Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.


Read full, original article: We’ll test new ideas in India, and export them to other geographies: Liam Condon, president, Bayer Crop Science

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