Transcendental Meditation: The strange religious practice behind America’s anti-GMO movement

Anti-GMO activist Jeffery Smith demonstrating “yogic flying” at Natural Law Party press conference in Springfield, Ill., Oct. 22, 1996.

Celebs from Katy Perry to Ivanka say Transcendental Meditation [TM] helps them focus. The movement’s chief promises more: quasi-magical powers and the ability to steer world events. When the David Lynch Foundation held a gala for Transcendental Meditation at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., last year, it drew a star-studded crowd. Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Margaret Cho were there. So was the singer Kesha, as well as White House advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ….

[T]he combined brain activity produced during regular group practice of TM radiates out to people who are not meditating or even aware that others are; these invisible waves bring instant peace and harmony to society at large. This …. is the “Maharishi Effect.”

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The Maharishi Effect is applicable to just about anything one can dream up …. John Fagan, a Cornell-educated molecular biologist who staunchly advocates against genetically engineered crops …. gave a presentation in which he claimed that “[T]he rapid reversal of the U.S. food system from broad acceptance to widespread rejection of GMO foods correlates [to] when a large permanent group of TM practitioners was assembled in Iowa, USA.”

Those higher-level meditators—known as practitioners of the “TM-Sidhis”—have even more incredible abilities. They include the practice of “yogic flying,” during which meditators attempt to levitate while sitting in the lotus position.

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