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Facebook, Twitter shut down sequel to viral COVID-19 misinformation video Plandemic

Will Sommer | 
Major social-media platforms hindered the spread of a sequel to viral coronavirus conspiracy theory video “Plandemic” on [August 18], months ...
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Viewpoint: GMO Impossible Whopper can help save the planet—and lots of cows

Jay Michaelson | 
[In September] I stepped inside a Burger King for the first time in three years. I wanted to try out ...
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Mike Adams’ Natural News anti-GMO and conspiracy site banned from Facebook

Kelly Weill | 
Natural News has nearly 3 million Facebook followers, more than Infowars and Alex Jones combined before Facebook banned them from ...

Why did CNN interview the ‘food babe’ about the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak?

Tanya Basu | 
The Food and Drug Administration’s urgent warning about a romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak left many Americans wondering .... what ...

Transcendental Meditation: The strange religious practice behind America’s anti-GMO movement

Justin Rohrlich | 
Celebs from Katy Perry to Ivanka say Transcendental Meditation [TM] helps them focus. The movement’s chief promises more: quasi-magical powers ...
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You might soon be able to sell your DNA in cryptocurrency

Kelly Weill | 
[I]f a new startup is successful, you will soon be able to spit in a cup, upload your genetic code ...

Bacterial DNA used in innovative Hepatitis B vaccines

Paul Offit | 
Two hepatitis B virus vaccines are currently on the market. Earlier this month, however, the Food and Drug Administration licensed ...
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Hepatitis B treatable with unique new strategy—using bacterial DNA

Paul Offit | 
Two hepatitis B virus vaccines are currently on the market. Earlier in November, however, the Food and Drug Administration licensed ...

Could doctors use DNA tests to screen for opiate addiction?

Zachary Siegel | 
[Part of] what makes addiction so complex is that one might have a family history or genetic profile...and not develop ...
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Food safety scientist predicted Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak 8 years ago

Samantha Allen | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Dr. Douglas Powell saw ...
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Can new IVF procedure beat biological clock on pregnancy?

Jean Twenge | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  The female biological clock ...

Do gut bacteria play role in eating disorders?

Carrie Arnold | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Our guts are home ...

Can microbes be a cause, and cure, for Alzheimer’s?

David Ewing Duncan | 
One great frustration of longer-living humans is that millions of us will one day lose our minds. Our essence will whither ...

What does the health data explosion mean for you?

David Ewing Duncan | 
From the recent rise of digitized health records to a dramatic increase in full DNA sequences to devices that measure ...
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Chipotle caught lying on GMO-free claim

Lizzie Crocker | 
The fear of ‘Frankenfoods’ remains so widespread, so deeply—if wrongly—embedded in the popular ‘natural’ foods movement that Chipotle stands to ...

DNA screening not always useful for predicting health problems

Russell Saunders | 
Let’s say you have a whole lot of money. Let’s say you have so much money that, even after you’ve ...

CRISPR-Cas9: How to move forward with revolutionary new DNA editing technology

David Ewing Duncan | 
In 2012, scientists in the U.S. and Sweden invented a technology as potentially life-altering as splitting the atom. One that ...
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Challenging hype around “printing” 3D arms and legs?

Rose Eveleth | 
Recently there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the promise of 3D printed limbs. Everywhere from The New York Times ...

Debating ethics of new human reproduction technologies

Eleanor Clift | 
Welcome to the brave new world of technology-enhanced human reproduction with its promise of alleviating the heartache of infertility, and ...
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Whole Foods GMO labeling support designed to pump profits, not inform

Michael Schulson | 
A label like that of the Non-GMO Project is uniquely effective at making GMOs seem scary. It highlights—and exaggerates—the prevalence of ...

Gene changes, diabetes continuing legacy of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge

Carrie Arnold | 
Cambodia’s diabetes clinics are overflowing. On its surface, it looks like little more than another country’s growing pains as it ...

DNA identifies missing WW2 soldier, but US won’t use technique to find more

Megan McCloskey | 
U.S. Army Private First Class Lawrence S. Gordon — killed in Normandy in 1944, then mistakenly buried as a German ...

Whole Foods under microscope for promoting pseudoscience on GMOs, health

Michael Schulson | 
A significant portion of what Whole Foods sells is based on simple pseudoscience. And sometimes that can spill over into ...

FDA should allow 23andMe to carry on

Charles Johnson | 
23andMe's genetic testing health results help people take ownership of their health and prompt them to make lifestyle adjustments (not ...

Nine things you should know about GMOs

Melissa Leon | 
The following is an excerpt. By 2018, you’ll know exactly whether or not your favorite products at Whole Foods have ...

The broken promises of the Human Genome Project

Michael Thomsen | 
The following is an excerpt. Scientists begin with a fixed conclusion, hyperbolize the benefits of reaching it, and then spend ...
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