Facebook, Twitter shut down sequel to viral COVID-19 misinformation video Plandemic

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Major social-media platforms hindered the spread of a sequel to viral coronavirus conspiracy theory video “Plandemic” on [August 18], months after the original “Plandemic” racked up more than 10 million views on Facebook alone.

The release of the “Plandemic” sequel, “Plandemic: InDoctorNation,” had been hotly anticipated by fringe groups and conspiracy theorists. Like the original, the new video from filmmaker Mikki Willis is filled with false claims about the coronavirus, vaccines, and world health groups.

But the much-longer sequel may have trouble replicating its viral success on social media. Twitter marked links to the “Plandemic” sequel as “unsafe,” according to a Twitter spokesperson, making it harder to access the video through the site.

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Facebook and Google, which owns YouTube, didn’t respond to requests for comment. But the platforms also appeared to be taking a stand against the new “Plandemic” video. Facebook blocked users from posting links to the sequel, with a notice saying it violated Facebook rules against spam. On YouTube, the only full copy of the video posted since its release had just a few dozen views.


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