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4 states may outlaw ‘meat’ labels for lab-grown protein

Missouri has already made it a crime to label something like a veggie burger or tissue grown in a lab as “meat.” Now, other states are considering doing the same.

Wyoming legislators are scheduled to discuss a bill [the week of January 14] that would prohibit the word “meat” from appearing on a package that does not contain edible parts of what was previously a live animal….Legislators in Tennessee, Virginia and Nebraska are also set to consider similar measures as Wyoming.

Proponents of the bill say the concern isn’t so much veggie burgers — it’s more about the kind of foods being developed by companies like Memphis Meats, Mosa Meat and Finless Foods, which are working on ways to create meatballs and fish fillets by growing animal cells in the laboratory. Such products aren’t for sale yet.

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“It’s not as far down the road as everybody thinks. It’s evolving quite quickly, actually,” says Wyoming Senator Wyatt Agar, who sponsored the bill.

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