From low-gluten wheat to virus-resistant cacao, CRISPR can enhance our favorite foods

crispr food

Ever since its discovery, there has been no looking back for CRISPR ….  Aside from tomato, strawberry, banana, grape, apple, watermelon, and kiwifruit are some more fruits which have been edited by CRISPR. Complex and large genomes such as date palm are now being targeted to be edited by CRISPR to tackle …. growth-related issues in a changing climate.

Food crops are being manipulated with the help of CRISPR to produce everything from low gluten wheat to virus-resistant cacao in West Africa that can produce more chocolate. Mushrooms which are known for spoiling easily are being edited to have a longer shelf life. China has scientists working on improving yields in rice.

It’s no secret that with the boom in population and a changing climate, the world is soon going to be in a massive struggle to have enough food for every mouth …. These are just some exciting examples. There are lists of agriculture benefits that we have gotten from CRISPR and most of these crops are under varying stages of success.

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