Viewpoint: AARP misleads elderly about health, environmental benefits of organic food

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Scaring old people is a time-tested strategy to scrounge up votes …. The coronavirus has made scamming even easier. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns that scammers are offering vaccines and cures (neither exist) or soliciting money for phony charities.

Not to be outdone, the good folks over at the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) decided to scare old people about the food in the grocery store. And, as an added bonus, the article was written by Mark Bittman, the guy who used to plug organic food and other pseudoscientific nonsense for the New York Times. How big of a scaremonger is Bittman? He once cited “research” claiming that GMOs cause leukemia.

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In other words, Bittman is perfect for the AARP. True to form, he begins lying early and often in his article for AARP The Magazine:


Does any old apple a day keep the doctor away? Or does it have to be organic? The answer is, honestly, “That’s impossible to say right now.”

Actually, it’s not. The answer is “no.”  …. Your body can’t tell the difference if the apple was grown on a corporate farm or in your cousin Jim Bob’s backyard.

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