Viewpoint: All milk is ‘non-GMO,’ and 4 other facts you should know before you go grocery shopping

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Credit: Oldways.

Just as you don’t want food with empty calories, avoid food with empty label claims such as “____-free”, “natural”, “farm-raised” or  “sustainable.” For example, all milk in the grocery store is GMO-free, gluten-free, and antibiotic-free. Those labels are used to make the product seem more attractive.

If you want to know facts – not B.S., flip the package over and read the Nutrition Facts Panel.  The information on this panel is scientifically true. Really. Watch this amusing video that illustrates the B.S. on food labels.

The journey of your food is truly an amazing story – and usually not the negative, sensationalized claims you hear. Sometimes, many hands touch a product on the way to the store.  In other cases, for example when you purchase a bag of apples, the last hand to touch the apple was the one that picked it from the tree.  In every case, rules are in place to ensure food is handled properly to secure it is safe and nutritious when it reaches your table.  Rather than buying the B.S. get to know the system in place to protect your food safety.

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