Viewpoint: How Canada corralled COVID while the US failed

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Credit: McGill University

There are a number of theories as to why Canada has managed to flatten the Covid-19 curve much better than the United States. One is that Canadians, who entered confederation with the motto “peace, order and good government” are much more compliant than our southern neighbors with their attachment to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — even if it means potentially killing others by refusing to wear masks in the name of freedom.

It can also be argued that the federal and provincial governments enabled Canadians to respect lockdowns and stay at home by offering unprecedented and generous financial aid from early on — including up to C$2000 per month for Canadians out of work, as well as more time to pay taxes and mortgage payment deferrals, allowances for seniors, and wage subsidies for businesses — all a far cry from the limited amounts offered south of the border.

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From the get-go, Canada’s federal and provincial leaders prioritized science over politics and spin, evangelizing the importance of wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing and proper hand hygiene, promises to support widespread testing and contact tracing backed by free downloadable Covid-19 exposure app.

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America – entre amis – get your act together so that so we can bring this Covid-19 estrangement to an end.

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