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1-16-2019 david eagleman neosensory buzz prototypes x

Vibrating wristband gives deaf people a new way to ‘hear’

Steven Kotler | 
Housed inside a wristband slightly bigger than a Fitbit, the Buzz has a microphone that picks up sound and a ...

Creating artificial life and what we want from it—including resistance ‘to all known pathogens’

Emily Sohn | 
For some scientists, [synthetic biology] will have created artificial life if it can arrange DNA into new combinations on a ...
faber futures by natsai chieza as part of grow your own at science gallery sciencegallery com

7 ways biotechnology could change our lives in 2019

Julia Sklar | 
[Editor's note: Key researchers and scientists were asked for their thoughts on 2019.]  Gene editing, food innovation, and synthetic biology ...

CRISPR’s swiftest and most promising application might be food

Shelby Pope | 
When people mention CRISPR, they’re usually breathless over its potential to cure diseases like sickle cell anemia and muscular dystrophy ...
bridging the gaps

DNA sequencing for mass data collection may lower consumer costs to zero

Kat McGowan | 
A well-organized, highly curated database of genetic data from millions of people is a potential goldmine for drug company researchers ...
drew endy

Stanford biologist Drew Endy: We need transparency when synthesizing humans

David Duncan, Drew Endy | 
Perhaps more than anyone else working in synthetic biology, [researcher Drew] Endy has tried to hold the community to account ...