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Viewpoint: Animal agriculture is growing more sustainable, so don’t blame it for climate change

Frank Mitloehner | 
Simply put, U.S. cattle aren’t the major driver of climate change. So Americans can feel good about whatever kind of ...
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5 percent of COVID-19 survivors have super strength ‘neutralizing antibodies’ crucial for developing a vaccine

Peter Fimrite | 
The discovery of antibodies that block the most infectious elements of the coronavirus is helping Bay Area scientists unlock the ...
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Synthetic booze: Lab-made wine, sake may be coming to a bar near you—and whiskey is already there

Esther Mobley | 
San Francisco startup Endless West unveiled two products Thursday, Feb. 20, the likes of which have never been sold before: ...
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Did California’s $3 billion stem cell bet pay off?

Erin Allday, Joaquin Palomino | 
It was an extraordinary political proposal: Approve a $3 billion bond measure to fund the cutting-edge science of stem cell ...
Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

Plaintiff’s story convinced jury of glyphosate-cancer link, but other courts may rule the herbicide is safe

Bob Egelko | 
Despite a San Francisco jury’s verdict [August 10th] that the cancer .... of a Bay Area school groundskeeper was caused ...

Viewpoint: Both pro- and anti-GMO factions often lose sight of sustainable farming goals

Kevin Doxzen | 
In pursuit of sustainability, shoppers are reaching for the organic apple or the GMO-free chips. But if we truly want ...

Impossible Foods opens first facility to produce ‘veggie burger that bleeds’ thanks to GM yeast

Jonathan Kauffman | 
[September 7th marked] the opening of Impossible Foods’ new East Oakland plant, meaning that the cult veggie burger that San ...

Impossible Burger blowback: Will irrational fears of biotechnology block introduction of sustainable foods?

Tara Duggan | 
Two entities that seem like they should be on the same page — a coalition of environmental groups and a ...
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21st century veggie burger: ‘Bloody-pink and fleshy’ thanks to genetic engineering

Tara Duggan | 
The 20th century veggie burger was a beige patty packed with whole grains and carrot chunks, sold in a brown ...
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Good and bad news: Insurance companies expanding coverage of genetic tests

Catherine Ho | 
A year and a half ago, few health insurers would cover a noninvasive prenatal test — which draws blood from ...
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‘Veggie burger that bleeds’ created with GM yeast to hit stores soon

Jonathan Kauffman | 
The Impossible Burger, also known as the “veggie burger that bleeds,” has drawn crowds of curious eaters and inspired dozens ...
Organic and conventional farmers lambaste non-GMO milk label

Organic and conventional farmers lambaste non-GMO milk label

Tara Duggan | 
There’s a new food category that is gaining popularity with shoppers, but that’s also becoming an enemy of farmers — ...
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Clover Dairy to begin marketing conventional milk produced with non-GMO feed

Tara Duggan | 
For grocery shoppers who want to avoid genetically engineered ingredients, the only milk they can buy is organic — usually ...

What CRISPR gene editing means for San Fran biotech

Stephanie Lee | 
A new way to make powerful changes at will to the DNA of humans, other animals and plants, much like ...

Ag department accused of ‘industry-friendly approach’ in regulating outdoor GMO tests

Bill Lambrecht | 
At a secret location among the vineyards of California's Central Coast, a plot of genetically engineered corn is producing proteins ...

Pfizer, 23andMe working together to develop treatment for inflammatory bowel disease

Stephanie M. Lee | 
Genetics-testing startup 23andMe said Tuesday it is teaming up with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to study the genetics of inflammatory bowel disease, ...

Google invites geneticists to upload DNA data to cloud for research

Stephanie Lee | 
Googling a person is about to take on a completely new meaning. The Mountain View search giant recently invited geneticists ...

Whole genome testing for people who aren’t part of a scientific study

Erin Allday | 
Stanford scientists are planning to comb through the complete genetic makeup of 100 people with unexplained hereditary conditions or "mystery" ...

Minnesota latest state to introduce GM labeling bill

The following is an excerpt. ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Sen. John Marty plans to introduce a bill Thursday requiring the labeling ...

With anti-viral genes, T cells ward off HIV

Erin Allday | 
The following is an excerpt. In his lab at the Gladstone Institutes, Leor Weinberger has developed a technique for harnessing stray bits of HIV - ...

Despite defeat, Prop 37 proponents will keep fighting

Stacy Finz | 
Despite losing the popular vote by six percentage points, the Proposition 37 campaign, which fought to require California labeling of ...

Chefs back Prop. 37 on food labeling

Stacy Finz | 
More than 350 top chefs this week came out in favor of Proposition 37, the initiative that calls for labeling ...

Federal court ponders legality of police DNA collection

Bob Egelko | 
Federal appeals court judges aimed tough questions Wednesday at a state lawyer defending California's voter-approved requirement that police take DNA ...
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