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China Agriculture Drone

Agricultural drones offer high-tech relief for struggling farms

Yuka Obayashi | 
The next generation farmhand in Japan's aging rural heartland may be a drone. For several months, developers and farmers in ...
Tips Parenting Child Autism

Viewpoint: 10 things everyone should know about autism

Lisa Shulman | 
I offer 10 things I wish everyone knew about autism. I'm a developmental and behavioral pediatrician specializing in autism spectrum ...
Screen Shot at PM

Former agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack: Non-GMO, gluten-free labels fan consumer fears

Tom Vilsack | 
Editor's note: Tom Vilsack is the former US Secretary of Agriculture and Governor of Iowa, and currently serves as CEO and President ...
urine sample

Glyphosate levels in Californians’ urine increased in last 20 years—no adverse health effects shown

Dennis Thompson | 
Levels of the herbicide Roundup in human urine have increased dramatically among California residents in the past two decades, a ...

Lung cancer manifests differently in younger patients

Kathleen Hall | 
As recently as 10 to 20 years ago, it didn't matter if someone smoked or not. Everyone who had lung ...