Battle over 15-year GMO ban extension rages in Peru as farmers breed and cultivate illegal biotech seed

Battle over 15-year GMO ban extension rages in Peru as farmers breed and cultivate illegal biotech seed

In the midst of a ferocious debate over the future of biotechnology in Latin America, the Peruvian Congress recently extended ...
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Anti-GMO Advocacy Funding Tracker: Vast network of donors and NGOs seed doubt about crop biotechnology

Who is David and who is Goliath when it comes to the GMO debate? Anti-biotech activists have long maintained that ...
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Viewpoint: From GMOs to vaccines to climate change, we need to challenge anti-science activism in the 2020s

The last decade was remarkable for a rise in antiscience activities, especially in the areas of climate change, air pollution, ...
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Food companies can boost public trust in GMOs by engaging consumers, marketing researcher says

Sixty-two percent of U.S. consumers say the fewer ingredients a food product contains the healthier it must be to eat ...
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Anti-GMO activism: Latest example of age-old resistance to innovation, says African biotech scientist

A cloud of resistance hangs over the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Kenya....Uncertainties created by technophobes instill fear ...
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USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue: Anti-GMO activism could ‘derail’ vital agricultural tools

An amorphous “fear-your-food” movement, fed in large part by the ceaseless churning of the internet, could sideline, deter, or even ...
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Viewpoint: Self-interest, rather than ignorance, key driver in GMO and climate change rejectionism

GMO opponents and climate change deniers often share a common characteristic -- their actions and decisions are driven by the ...
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GMO battle: March Against Myths protests March Against Monsanto

Science Power Hour host Vern Blazek interviews Kavin Senapathy, co-founder of March Against Myths About Modification. Known as MAMyths, the ...
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