Philippines earns an extra $972.6 million over 16 years of growing GM crops

Renowned economist Graham Brookes presented the global economic and environmental impacts of biotech crops from 1996 to 2018 for Thai ...
GM Impossible Burger hits 200 grocery stories in Asia, as effort to 'replace' meat moves forward

GM Impossible Burger hits 200 grocery stories in Asia, as effort to ‘replace’ meat moves forward

[Impossible Foods'] flagship imitation beef product went on sale in 200 supermarkets across Hong Kong and Singapore on Tuesday. Impossible's ...

Following Golden Rice approval, Philippines poised to implement rules to accommodate GMO animals, CRISPR crops

The Philippines continues to be a regional biotechnology leader. Golden Rice (GR2E) field tests were harvested in October 2019 and ...
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Asia is pulling ahead in the AI race – but are ethics being prioritized?

Globally, future outlooks for artificial intelligence (AI) swing between two extremes—excited anticipation about the positive impact AI will have on ...
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Golden Rice, Part 2: Will nutritionally enhanced rice work and help solve malnutrition in developing countries?

For more than a quarter of a century, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) has been recognized by the United Nations as ...
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Golden Rice, Part 1: The story of a GMO crop that could benefit billions of children a year

For billions of people, the stakes could not be higher ...

Without glyphosate, farmers in seven Asian countries face $1.4-$1.9 billion increase in weed control costs, study finds

A new paper published in the journal Agbioforum points to higher weed control costs, less effective weed control, more difficult access ...
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Viewpoint: Developing nations should reject Europe’s fear-based crop biotech rules to grow their economies

In a recent speaking tour in South-East Asia, I was horrified to learn how many emerging market governments in the ...

Disease-resistant cassava could help safeguard against starvation in developing countries

[Ismail] Rabbi, a geneticist at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria, and his colleagues are on ...
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Viewpoint: Why the West should worry about losing the gene-editing race

I fear that the West is losing today’s version of the “space race” — this one to use and control gene ...
How To Cut A Mango Tutorial

Talking Biotech: Mango is a vital food crop worldwide. But where did it come from?

Mango is popular worldwide, but especially important in India and southeast Asia. On this episode, Emily Warschefsky and Kevin Folta ...
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Talking Biotech: How rice became one of the world’s most important food crops

Rice geneticist Susan McCouch: How and where rice was domesticated, and how many varieties are there? ...

GMO corn that resists cancer-causing aflatoxin showcases biotech’s life-saving potential

The creation of GM corn that neutralizes a cancer-causing toxin is a game-changer for human health. The method could be ...
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