Are GMO critics more open to gene editing that targets plant and human diseases?

The early generations of transgenic plants focused primarily on increasing productivity, either by reducing pest damage or increasing yields by ...
Field trial

Uganda’s researchers ready to taste test their GMO vitamin A-enriched banana

The East African cooking banana is one of the major food crops eaten by the people living in central Uganda ...
Frances Nanziri Ugandas Food Evolution Farmer x

Banana wilt, GMOs and Food Evolution: Behind the scenes in Uganda profiling desperate plight of poor farmers

Despite claims by anti-GMO activists who say crop biotechnology mostly benefits big corporations, African farmers and poor people are the ...
xanthomonas fruit symptoms

As disease threatens Uganda’s banana crop, ActionAid and anti-GMO groups fan fears

Uganda is an emerging battle ground where anti-GMO activists try to scuttle introduction of a transgenic banana that could rescue ...
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