Roundup glyphosate weedkiller responsible for the decline in Monarch butterflies? Media and advocacy groups badly misreport study

News reporting at its best should be nuanced. There are rarely 'black hats' and 'white hats' when it comes to ...
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Monarch butterflies avoid pesticide-treated milkweed to limit chemical exposure

Hundreds of recent studies have voiced concern over the negative impacts of non‐target pesticides on pollinator health. However, pesticide loads ...
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Podcast: Out standing in the field – the highs and lows of fieldwork

We talk to the researchers studying genetics and evolution in action, from chasing butterflies up mountains to artificially inseminating kakapos ...

Milkweed: Mother’s milk for monarch butterflies, but yield-robbing weed for farmers

Can we encourage a resurgence in butterfly-friendly milkweed populations without making farming even more challenging? ...

Do Roundup Ready GMO crops harm Monarch butterflies? Ecologists weigh in as new data comes to light

Monarch butterfly populations have been declining since the 1990s, and several studies have linked this to the proliferation of crops ...
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Non-GMO Project logo not only deceives, it ironically features a genetically modified butterfly, scientist claims

Perhaps no group is more in the spotlight on the topic of labeling than The Non-GMO Project, whose monarch butterfly logo ...

Viewpoint: There’s no one ‘butterfly-killing bogeyman’ to blame for declining monarch populations

“When you look at the 25-year trend, it seems quite dire,” [Anurag] Agrawal, a Cornell University professor of ecology and ...

Plight of the monarch: Threatened by more than the loss of milkweed food supply

Anti-GMO critics often blame the herbicide glyphosate for monarch butterfly population declines, as it kills the insect's habitat--weeds. But a ...
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How to save Monarch butterflies? Banning glyphosate and planting milkweeds won’t help

According to activists, the decline of the Monarch butterfly population is primarily due to the over application of the popular ...
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