Childhood trauma: The kids are not alright, and part of the explanation may be linked to epigenetics

The old adage about kids being resilient and able to bounce back from early traumas isn't necessarily borne out by ...
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Mystery inflammation syndrome connected to COVID-19 in children results in brain damage

[Children with COVID-19] can suffer everything from headaches to muscle weakness, along with visible signs of damage to the brain ...

Viewpoint: Only a tiny percentage of children face threat of severe coronavirus complications. That risk isn’t high enough to justify lockdowns

Horrific stories are emerging of children developing rashes, cardiac abnormalities and other inflammatory symptoms that are linked to the novel ...
skynews coronavirus children

Not all children are safe from COVID-19: Mysterious childhood illness similar to Kawasaki disease linked to coronavirus

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory to thousands of doctors across the country [May ...
screenshot why the new coronavirus mostly spares children

‘Increasingly confident’: Children less vulnerable to coronavirus, numerous studies say

Doctors are increasingly confident that children are less affected by the new coronavirus than adults, a finding that could aid ...

‘No evidence’ low-level glyphosate exposure causes kidney damage in children, study shows

The goal of this study was to assess biomarkers of exposure to glyphosate and assess potential associations with renal function ...
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Early diagnosis of children with anxiety, depression key to better treatment

Researchers wanted to see if the movements during a scary situation differed between children diagnosed with depression or anxiety and ...
Patient with Enterovirus via screencap x

Absence of a ‘smoking gun’ pathogen has stymied efforts to solve AFM mystery illness paralyzing children

What some are calling an "unprecedented mystery respiratory illness" is being reported in the Rockies and across the Midwest. Contributing ...
acute flaccid myelitis

Chasing the mysterious polio-like disorder striking children

A runny nose or cough are normal symptoms during the fall, but this year doctors in the United States and ...

‘Baby bust’—Why fertility rates are plummeting around the world

There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of children women are having, say researchers. Their report found ...
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Do super high IQ children end up successful?

The original motive behind [IQ] tests was to get a diagnostic to select children at the lower ends of the ...
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Robot peer pressure and why we may need to fear ‘artificial stupidity’

When the robot revolution arrives, we all know the plot: Smarter machines will supersede human intelligence and outwit us, enslave ...

Using DNA to reunite immigrant families shows why genetic screening ‘should be widely embraced’

As the U.S. government struggles to make good on its promise to reunite all 3,000 children and parents who were separated ...

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