Bill reinstating neonicotinoid pesticide ban on wildlife refuges gains traction in Congress

A bill that would reinstate a regulation banning certain pesticides from wildlife refuges was approved by the House Committee on ...

Ethical ‘quagmire’: How one ALS patient got in line for a therapy never tested in humans

The FDA gave Jaci Hermstad, a 25-year old Iowan who is dying from a rare form of ALS, an early ...

Congress renews ban on editing human embryos, despite calls from scientists touting research benefits

A House committee on Tuesday [June 4] restored to pending legislation a ban on altering the genomes of human embryos ...
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Controversy emerges over proposed bill blocking local preemption of federal pesticide regulations

In the past three years, Irvine went from treating its parks .... with more than .... 60 gallons of synthetic ...
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Congressional committee cuts funding to IARC over WHO agency’s controversial glyphosate-cancer finding

The House Committee on Appropriations has withheld funding for the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer—which receives about $2 million from ...

Genetically engineered AquaBounty salmon ready for US market, but caught in Congressional ‘sausage grinder’

“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” The true version of ...
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Partisan divide erupts on glyphosate-cancer science as IARC supporters push ‘Monsanto Papers’ narrative

“There appear to be serious problems with the science underlying [the International Agency for Research on Cancer]’s [2015] assessment of ...

US funding for cancer agency threatened over handling of controversial glyphosate report

US congressional committee members want to hear testimony from representatives of the International Agency for Research on Cancer regarding its ...
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Viewpoint: FDA regulations ‘a disaster’ for genetically modified animal research

The Trump Administration and Congress should rein in the FDA's regulatory overreach on genetically engineered animals, which is stifling important ...

Viewpoint: Democrats’ GMO labeling push is an embarrassment to pro-science progressives

A group of House Democrats, who called the proposed federal GMO labeling standards 'weak' and 'confusing,' are being urged not ...

Privacy perils: Impact of legislation that would strip genetic secrecy protections in US

Employers could force workers to divulge private genetic information under Republican-sponsored legislation making its way through Congress. It could have ...
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