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Pesticides increase cancer risk for farmers? Rethinking the ‘irrefutable consensus’

Though it may seem otherwise, the term 'irrefutable' is not at all flattering ...
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Viewpoint: Activists hurt farmers by fueling public’s disconnect with modern agriculture

Farmers are increasingly frustrated and dispirited by the demands and unrealistic expectations of food advocacy groups and activists such as ...

Consumer fear of GMOs and political overreaction adversely impacts smallholder farms

Three letters can quickly turn lackadaisical shoppers at a farmers market, diners at a restaurant or families at dinner tables ...

Costs and benefits need to be assessed in weighing bans on glyphosate and neonicotinoids

The continuing debates over whether the herbicide glyphosate or the insecticide class of neonicotinoids (neonics) could—or should—remain available for farmers ...

Farmers consider a world without glyphosate—and it’s less than ideal

"More glufosinate, maybe more paraquat." "I would have to find a different burn down chemical, likely paraquat. Would use more ...
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Lessons learned from the 2017 Monsanto dicamba herbicide fiasco

Farmers, university scientists, the EPA and ag companies are working together to figure out what went wrong and how to ...
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15 years after debuting GMO crops, Colombia’s switch has benefited farmers and environment

GM crops saved water, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided farmers and the rest of Colombia with a variety of ...
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