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Raging debate: Ghana’s move to commercialize its first GMO cowpea met with mix of optimism and fear

The country plans to release the modified seeds this year or next. Will they benefit the small farmers they were ...
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Creating Superman (and woman): Who benefits from human enhancement?

Using genetic modification, nanotechnology, bionics, reconstructive surgery, hormones, drugs or any combination of these approaches, real-life human enhancement is looking ...
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World’s first GMO marijuana plant targets drinkable market

Well, after years of sensationalist false alarms, it’s finally here: genetically modified cannabis for the commercial market. Created by Trait ...

Video: What are GMO crops—and are they natural? Pioneering plant scientist Mary-Dell Chilton explains

I write about GMOs on a somewhat regular basis, but sometimes it’s a topic worth revisiting on a very basic ...

GMOs 101: Experts break down the basics of crop biotechnology

An online search for “GMO” returns more than 88 million results — a tangled mess of frightening images, dense data, ...

‘Morally permissible’: Genetically altered babies get nod from UK ethics panel

The creation of babies whose DNA has been altered to give them what parents perceive to be the best chances ...

Genetic engineering and gene silencing could fight deadly crop mycotoxins—if not blocked by activists

Aflatoxins are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in crop losses annually. Farmers have struggled to control the troublesome ...

Eliminating food waste requires behavioral changes, but GMOs can help too

Economists show solving the food waste problem is more than a matter of avoiding the trash bin ...
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With global gene editing slow down, what’s the future of ‘designer babies?’

The prospect of designer babies--the stuff of futuristic movies--is now upon us with the advent of gene editing, stirring confusion ...
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Are schools teaching ‘anti-GMO propaganda?’

More and more, anti-GMO groups are looking to sway students toward "big organic" with unscientific lesson plans ...
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“Hybridization is not genetic modification” — And other scientifically suspect anti-GMO sayings

Life forms have been genetically modified, for billions of years by nature, and then for the last 11,000 years, in ...
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Can Bernie Sanders act like a progressive on GMOs, overcome tribal allegiances, embrace science?

The desire to eat organic and the opposition to genetic modification technology in agriculture can be primal and precautionary to ...
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