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Knocking out cholesterol genes could offer ‘one-and-done’ CRISPR cure for heart disease

Sharon Begley | 
When CRISPR “base editing” was used to knock out two cholesterol-associated genes in monkeys, the animals’ blood levels of heart-disease-causing ...
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Scanning the horizon for the next decade’s biotech breakthroughs, including tools to fight the next pandemic

Luke Kemp | 
In 2017 we published the results of a ‘horizon scan’ that looked at emerging issues in bioengineering (Wintle et al., ...
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Engineering transparent human cells brings us one step closer to a true ‘Invisible Man’

Luke Dormehl | 
The project involves genetically engineering human cells to have the ability to vary their transparency. This is based on a ...
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Infographic: What CRISPR is curing in 2020

Adam Bluestein | 
CRISPR-Cas9 is a method for quickly and accurately editing the genome of virtually any living thing. Using custom-built guide RNA ...

11 things to know about genetic engineering, including how it’s helping us fight disease

Christopher McFadden | 
What are some interesting facts about genetic engineering, and why it is important? … Genetically engineered things are actually all ...
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Squids’ ability to edit their own RNA could lead to human disease treatments

Eric Niiler | 
For nearly every animal on Earth, any changes made to the DNA are transmitted from the cell nucleus by messenger ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna on why we need human gene-editing regulations

Daniel Markus, Jennifer Doudna | 
In this episode of Reset, host Arielle Duhaime-Ross talks with Jennifer Doudna about the promise and peril in CRISPR’s future, what’s ...
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Infographic: What the US public thinks about tinkering with human genetics

Paul Ratner | 
The Pew Research Center published a fascinating roundup of studies that revealed the opinions of the U.S. public on a ...

Revamped CRISPR could be more accurate and effective against human diseases, including sickle cell anemia

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy | 
CRISPR is not perfect. Base editors (think of them as gene-editing pencils) can rewrite individual DNA letters. They home in ...

Why China scientist’s CRISPR baby scandal won’t be the last ethical ‘grenade’ for human gene editing

Dermot Martin | 
Over the next two years, via a series of stakeholder meetings and online consultations, talks with ethicists, academics, patient groups, ...
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‘Excitement is finally catching on’: Why RNA editing may be more promising than CRISPR

Sara Reardon | 
CRISPR editing — at least as a therapeutic technique in people — has turned out to be more difficult than ...
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GLP’s Global Gene Editing Regulation Tracker and Index: Will politicians embrace innovation or fear?

Jon Entine, Kayleen Schreiber | 
We hope this gene editing regulation tracker and index will encourage science-based scrutiny and advocacy ...
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Viewpoint: In the face a gene-editing revolution, President Trump should push for moratorium on human germline editing

Wesley Smith | 
In the face of the rapid development of the most powerful technologies ever invented — CRISPR germline gene editing, “artificial ...

Why it’s so difficult for human embryos to survive CRISPR gene editing

Shelly Fan | 
CRISPR may one day wipe out devastating genetic diseases throughout entire family lines, or even the human race. But to ...
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‘Genome doping’: Gene-edited babies could change the world of athletics

With the taboo on human gene editing in the process of being shattered, children whose genomes have been modified before ...
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Genetics pioneer George Church on support for human gene editing: As long as it’s open to everyone—rich or poor

Brit Farmer | 
Is it ethical to genetically engineer people? Leading geneticist George Church spends a lot of time thinking about the answer ...

There’s still a lot we don’t know about China’s controversial CRISPR babies, including their health status

Marilynn Marchione | 
Chinese scientist He Jiankui shocked the world by claiming he had helped make the first gene-edited babies. One year later, ...

Are we ignoring ‘staggering risks’ of human gene editing, including a wider gap between haves and have nots?

Mark Buchanan | 
Biologists recently revealed a new form of the gene-editing tool known as Crispr that allows researchers to make precise changes ...
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It’s been a year since the CRISPR baby controversy. Why are we still without global gene-editing rules?

Emily Mullin | 
Around this time last November, Chinese scientist He Jiankui stunned the world when he revealed the birth of the first ...
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CRISPR got an upgrade. ‘Prime editing’ offers more accurate ‘search-and-replace’

Shelly Fan | 
All right, let’s do this one last time. My name is CRISPR. I was made from a bacterial defense system, and ...
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Viewpoint: Moving forward with human gene editing requires scientists to ‘educate, engage, and empower’ the public, policymakers

Bhaargavi Ashok, Jack Karsten | 
Researchers have long struggled to draw a line around ethical genome editing. While modifications to somatic cells only affect a single individual, ...
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Viewpoint: Global moratorium on human gene editing ‘inadvisable’ for 3 reasons, including potential research delays

Kerry Lynn Macintosh | 
Heritable genome editing (HGE) of the human germline has potential as a niche assisted reproductive technology. If it can be ...
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Should we use gene editing on human newborns? Exploring scientific arguments for, and against, what may be inevitable

[L]et’s take a closer look at the headline question in own words of scientists. Below are exact quotes from documents, ...
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‘Temporary hurdle’: Russia halts scientist’s effort to create more CRISPR babies

Olga Dobrovidova | 
Russian health officials are playing down international concerns that a Moscow researcher plans to create gene-edited babies any time soon, ...

California man invites scientists to experiment with CRISPR on his rare disorder

Sharon Begley | 
On one level, Malakkar Vohryzek always knew what was wrong with him. For as long as he can remember — ...
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Viewpoint: The key to ethical human germline editing is ‘slow science’

Françoise Baylis | 
The hubris of some scientists knows no bounds. Less than a year after He Jiankui, a Chinese biophysicist, drew scorn ...

Will the future of CRISPR babies be decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin?

Antonio Regalado | 
The future of genetically modified babies may lie in the hands of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported over the weekend ...
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