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Judge blocks Tofurky injunction of Missouri plant-based meat labeling restrictions

Michelle Pardo | 
Turtle Island Foods, doing business as The Tofurky Company (“Tofurky”) which produces plant-based products, together with The Good Food Institute ...

USDA releases long-awaited GMO labeling rules

Philip Brasher, Spencer Chase | 
New disclosure requirements finalized by USDA for biotech foods will mandate the use of the term "bioengineered" while providing a key exemption for ...

Talking Biotech: From non-GMO to organic, has food labeling gone too far?

Colleen Dekker, Kevin Folta | 
Elanco's Colleen Parr Dekker: Product differentiation and marketing—not transparency and education—are why food companies adopt trendy labels ...

Could 2018 mark the end of the anti-GMO movement?

Marc Brazeau | 
Editor's note: This article is part one of a three-part series by Marc Brazeau on his 2018 predictions on food, ...

Will GMO makers, advocates support labeling of consumer focused 2nd generation GMOs?

Andrew Porterfield | 
A new generation of GMOs may call for new ways of regulation. And the activists, manufacturers, and farmers may want ...
Why Whole Foods and Chipotle's anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

Why Whole Foods and Chipotle’s anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business

Julie Kelly | 
I’ve become an accidental activist on behalf of GMOs, in part because of misleading fear based marketing campaigns by food ...
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USDA’s non GMO labeling proposal doesn’t satisfy genuine ‘right to know’

Steve Savage | 
While the Agricultural Department edges towards embracing a new food label, it's missing the opportunity to provide a meaningful 21st ...
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Gary Hirshberg’s Stonyfield faces hypocrisy backlash over misleading labels

Julie Kelly | 
Glass house alert: Stonyfield's yogurts are filled with unknown and unlabeled chemicals. Shouldn't you "just label it", Gary? ...
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