EU’s refusal to permit GMO crops led to millions of tons of additional CO2, scientists reveal

EU’s refusal to permit GMO crops led to millions of tons of additional CO2, scientists reveal

Mark Lynas | 
Europe’s refusal to permit its farmers to cultivate genetically engineered (GE) crops led to the avoidable emission of millions of ...
Camelina Oct Sc

GM fish food deal brings sustainable salmon a step closer to commercialization

Mark Lynas | 
Rothamsted Research, a United Kingdom plant science research institute, has signed a collaboration agreement with a bioscience company that brings ...

Viewpoint: Agro-ecology agendas are trapping African farmers in poverty

Mark Lynas | 
Rather than helping to address food insecurity, the agro-ecological agenda may in fact be trapping African farmers in poverty. That’s ...

‘Conversion messages’: Ex-GMO skeptics may be best advocates for crop biotech

When a strong advocate for one side of a science controversy now believes the opposite, it can have a big ...
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South Australia launches ‘independent review’ of GMO crop moratorium

David Claughton | 
South Australia has announced an independent review into the state's moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops. Economist and agriculture policy ...
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Viewpoint: Eliminating pesticides from farming isn’t realistic—or desirable

Terry Daynard | 
In about 1980, I visited several International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) research sites in Mexico. The trip included ...
JD Elizabeth Ev strawberries courtesy Longs Gardens

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists crave a return to ‘simpler times’ in farming. Here’s why that would be disastrous.

Mary Mangan | 
The appeal of simpler times, as imagined by wealthy white guys ...

Talking Biotech: Mark Lynas’ evolution from anti-GMO activist to GMO advocate

Kevin Folta, Mark Lynas | 
Writer Mark Lynas discusses his life as an anti-GMO activist, why he changed his mind, and his new book Seeds ...
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We produce enough food on this planet to feed everyone: So why do we need GMOs?

Andrew Porterfield | 
A new "planetary boundaries" study says agriculture can be more sustainable to save the planet. Others say the numbers don't ...
Mark Lynas Golden Rice e

Talking Biotech: Former anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas on how resistance to crop biotechnology hurts small African farms

Kevin Folta, Mark Lynas | 
Mark Lynas, Cornell Alliance for Science: "Moral injustice" of NGOs preventing Africans from adopting GMO crops driven by "green ideology" ...
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